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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Na koi Bandishey Na koi Zanjeerei

There’s always one or more places in the world apart from our home that we all love. When people travel alone or with close friends to a new place, they always like, at least most of the time they like it.  There are few places where people I think would always want to places like Las Vegas, Goa, and Mumbai. I would always wonder what is it that people love so much about Goa ? I've been there with family once, I liked it but it’s not something to crave for until of course I went again with my friends. When I came back I was asked the same questions again and again, “How was it? Did you enjoy? What did you do there? What was the best thing? Did you do this? Did you do that?”

I loved my Goa trip and when I asked myself the reason for it I got a very simple answer. The reason I liked it was not because of the clubbing or the crowd or the beach but the root reason was freedom, nobody judged us there, nobody cared if we were there lying on the beach at 3am, nobody bothered what time it was. It was this sudden sense of liberation, of independence, just being oneself without worrying about how your neighbor’s son’s daughter’s friend who would go back and make a scene. The reason people prefer new places, I guess, is because nobody knows them initially there and they let them be without any social drama. The best thing about Goa was nothing else but the mere fact I could sit at the beach at 3am, sing as loudly as I want without worrying about anyone.

Now I understand when people say why they would like to go to certain places, it’s not because of clothes, drinks, food or clubbing it’s about the fact that they are free and most importantly nobody judges them . You can sit the way you like, dance the way you want, just behave the way you like without harming anyone. In the end everyone needs freedom, freedom to be.

 That’s reason as kids we would love to go at our grandparents’ house during vacations  because we knew mom wouldn't wake us up early, nobody would shout at us if you don’t take a shower, we could sit and watch T.V for as long as we like, we could eat pizzas and all kind of chocolates. Freedom I believe is part of our original being and that’s the reason it’s always fun breaking the rules. We all like to stick to our original nature, don’t we?   

No matter how old we get we'll always like some more freedom than we have. No freedom is enough compared to what each of us were born with.

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Ishq-e-Alehadgi (Part I)

Few places just leave us with a thought or maybe more than one, they leave us with a feeling and one such place would be a beach.  Sitting on a beach facing the sea during the sunset is an experience in its own. Fortunately I just had mine a while back. Different people experience different things, take different message from the sea. Few take from the sea, few from its shore and few from the waves but they all take something back with them. For few people waves are like people in our lives, they come and go but never fail to touch our lives. Few people like sitting on the beach as it inspires them, for some feel love, some feel nature, some feel blue, some just like to get into the sea and drown their fears and their sorrows. While one perfect evening when I was sitting on the beach with the most perfect arrangement ever (ones literally picked from dreams) with a white bed sheet, all friends sitting on it, the sun set, the beach almost empty, the tides growing higher, the wind getting colder with each passing hour and of course the pure silence, I thought to myself, “Dude people say the sea teaches them something. It gives them a message, of hope, of love. They say the sea talks if you can understand its language. So what is it that you feel right now?”

I tried to feel romance, hope, sorrow, happiness everything. I would feel it for few seconds and then back to neutral. I felt nothing. It bothered me for some time and I said to myself “how can you not feel anything Bineka? How is that possible? It’s the sea; focus Bineka look for nature’s signs.” I felt the wind, looked at the waves, felt the soft sand, closed my eyes and heard the waves. I just stopped thinking, was neutral and even then I felt nothing, but now I wasn't bothered with that nothingness, it was actually very comforting and beautiful. I was enjoying that nothingness, and my mind was silent, it was in a no though zone. The feeling was pure and soothing.

And right when we had to leave the beach, I opened my eyes, the sun had set, the waves had grown louder and the winds had become colder, as I was walking back I took my message from the experience, I heard the sea (or rather Universe) tell me that like there exists a no man's land; free from names and tags, in the same way there exists a felling which comes under no banner; happiness or sadness or countless to name. Nothingness has its own beauty. It comes with a smile when you have everything you want in life or when you don’t. Nothingness is not negative, it is peaceful because it is like sea and its waves; complete in its own way, it has no names, no feelings attached to it. It is just itself, just who it is; naked, simple, and in its rawest form. It comes in the same form and leaves in the same , without changing.

Not always it is necessary to have a feeling attached to something or maybe someone too because sometimes no feeling is the best feeling.  It unburdens your heart, gives your heart and consciousness a breath. It’s like stopping for a while and enjoying the journey you already have covered and then smiling, just smiling for no reason and no feeling attached to it. And for people who don't know what Alehadgi means, it means detachment.  
  Title courtesy : Naim Keruwala 

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Muhobat iss lamhe mei

Most of us wait our entire lives to find that one person who will stand by us no matter what, who will accept us irrespective of the changes we undergo, who will always love us. We always dream to live that one special moment, one moment where we think we’ll live our entire life, in that moment we think everything would be perfect, pure, clear and beautiful. But sadly most of the time people die waiting for that special person, waiting for that special moment and it never comes, neither the person nor the moment or maybe one of them without another. Because all their lives they worried and they waited for that person, without thinking about that person who was there with them at that point of time, who was standing right besides them to give them company while they were waiting for that someone. People waste their life waiting to live that special moment and so they don’t live the moments when they come, they judge them as per their own definition of ‘Special’, and forget to enjoy what’s there.

That one person who is right there with you in the present moment, is all that matters, that person is the most special person because he loves you and he is there for you right now, he could be your friend, , your child, your family member, your spouse or could be a mere companion, a companion; without a name or tag. And every moment with that person is special; special in its own beautiful and innocent way. You may have a different definition of ‘special’ and there’s nothing wrong to dream about it or wish for it to happen, but what is wrong is wasting your present moment thinking about how it is not perfect and how it is not exactly like what you wished for.

Savor what you have right now and enjoy every moment rather than waiting for a perfect one, love the people who exists right now in your life rather than waiting for someone else, because its better to die with many small special moments than to die waiting for that perfect one that never occurred because you walked past by it and didn’t recognize it.  There is not just one soul mate, there are many, there is not just one moment but millions of them, why chose when you can have them all and why wait when you have them right there besides you. Love is love, it is special in its own way, one cannot categorize it, can just measure its depth. Love exists everywhere, every time with everyone, we just need to take off our eyes from the waiting chart and look around to see it, to feel it.

Universe whispers “You are loved and this moment is special so go live it before you lose it.”

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Khaaliq hai Muhabbat

I always use to think that one needs to and one should fight for his love but now I think if one really loves something he doesn't need to fight , love simply stays because where there is love, there's not a war but peace,plain pure white peace. 

In love you don't really need to GET someone or make him stay in love, he/she already belongs. They belong as naturally as the stars belong with sky. Ever seen sky, call for the stars or being insecure about them ? No, because it knows it in its heart that the stars belong with it. Because they know that this is how its suppose to be. Love is the most natural thing ever. We all are born into it and are surrounded by it.

Love doesnt get created it already exists infact with time it nourishes more and more. Love existed before you and I did and it will exist even after we turn into ashes. It created us and not vice-verse. Love is simply there, its here, its there, its everywhere. Its outside and its within you. Love is not a creation, its the creator, a creator; omnipresent

-Bineka Sadhnani

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Patience means "I surrender my will to your will. Let you be my will, so whenever I am ripe, whenever-if it takes an eternity it is okay-I will trust, I will hope, I will not lose my heart, I will not be disheartened.


 shows that you have faith, that you care no matter what happens, that the person means more than the problems.Patience shows your willingness to love and to accept.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Anjaanepan se jaana (My Martian Friend)

We often judge people from their work. A cute little martian friend of mine is one such crazy soul who is known for his work. He knows many people, and those many people know his work, appreciate it. But these 'many' don't really know him.

There is more to him than his craziness, his perfection and his ideas, he is maybe a crazy silly human but people forget that he's a human. For most of the people around him he is just a perfect machine, a perfect alien . His identity is his work and not the real him. People love his work so much that they don't see anything else beyond that.

Sometimes I think he's crazy and weird because he knows that's the only way people will bother to know him , he doesn't let people love him because he's scared that he doesn't deserves to be loved.

Tell you what my tiny friend, you have a soul full of love. Beneath all your layers, all the craziness and weirdness, lies a space full of love, care and a space where you are a small innocent kid . All your life a genius has been overpowering that kid, this time let that kid overpower the genius and see the miracles happen.

Love people for who they are and not just for what they deliver. A human being is more important than his work.

Time to behave and treat others like human beings.